Hormone Balancing

Treating Hormones to Improve Your Wellbeing

As our bodies age, many of us experience hormonal loss or imbalance. The fluctuation and loss of hormones is often inevitable but never irreversible, which is why our team at SLC Med Spa offers a variety of treatments. Essentially, our hormone therapy treatments allow for complete replacement and natural restoration of your ideal hormonal levels.

Hormone imbalances are often manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Sleep loss
  • Insomnia
  • Belly fat
  • Depression
  • Mental fog
  • Acne

Advanced Diagnostics Testing & Safe Practices

SLC Med Spa employs non-invasive advanced diagnostics testing to figure out the problematic areas we should be focusing on, thus ensuring a total re-harmonization of your body's mechanisms. As the chemical messengers of your body, hormones play an important role in keeping you happy and healthy -- with our hormone balancing treatment, you'll feel energized and stable once again!

Our hormone balancing services include:

  • Bio-identical hormones: Bio-identical hormones are plant-based and chemically identical to your natural hormones, which can make you feel younger, more balanced, and energized after undergoing treatment. Unlike some treatments that temporarily clear symptoms without treating the root problem, bio-identical hormone treatment is a true replenishing of chemicals your body needs.
  • Hormone pellet therapy: This form of hormone replacement is derived from plants. The hormones are placed under the skin to release a stream of into the body. Hormone pellet therapy can prevent the emotional roller coasters and improve your overall wellbeing.

Although the FDA has approved synthetic and animal hormones for use in human treatment, the plant-based chemical process of bio-identical hormones is still the best option for treatment. Our hormone balancing services have none of the potential risks of blood clotting or breast cancer that other forms of treatment may have. Bio-identical hormone treatment also helps prevent disease, relieves the need for anti-depressants or anti-anxiety prescriptions, and improves weight loss and muscle mass programs.

SLC Med Spa now offers In-House Hormone Blood Testing

We are the first medical spa in Utah to be able to offer blood testing in our office. Interested clients can call in to schedule a hormone consultation appointment and once their issues are discussed they will be given a lab order for an in-house hormone blood test. We will process the blood test against your insurance. The lab will only charge you co-pay prices for any charges not covered by your insurance. Blood test results are usually available within 5-7 business days.

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