Why At-Home Acne Scar Treatments Don’t Work

Common types of acne scarring can significantly reduce the levels of skin on your face, and this leads to the appearance of pits on the surface of the skin. These deep scars can only be corrected at a medical spa near Salt Lake City, because of the severity of skin loss. Watch the video to see why at-home acne scar remedies do not work and why you should call your nearby medical spa soon.

At-home remedies cannot cause your skin to reproduce enough skin or collagen to sufficiently fill in the deep scars commonly left by acne. However, medical spas often use various types of skin treatments that can help fill in and reduce acne scarring. These treatments might include laser treatments, microneedling, and certain chemical peels. Consult with your dermatologist for recommendations on the correct acne scarring treatment to use.

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