A Personalized Program Designed For You

Medical Weight Loss in Salt Lake City

You are unique and so is the way you lose weight and keep it off. At SLC Med Spa we understand that losing weight is not simply a matter of will power. Losing weight requires knowledge of your body and the specific methods that work for you.


This is why Dr. Larsen will begin your weight loss program with an in-depth analysis of your body and chemistry. Dr. Larsen will work with you to set your weight loss goals and provide you with the education, motivation and medication (if needed) to keep you on track.  


Appetite suppressants can be great while you are adjusting your diet and forming new habits.


Dr. Larsen prescribes medical weight loss supplements to patients who are need of temporary weight loss assistance during their program. During your assessment, Dr. Larsen will determine if weight loss supplements are the right choice for you.

*Medical Disclaimer “There’s no guarantee, results may vary”.