Horomone Replacement Therapy in Salt Lake City

Hormone pellet therapy is a unique form of hormone replacement, where pellets containing hormones derived from plant sources are placed under the skin to release a steady stream of hormones into the body.


Pellet hormone therapy offers sustained hormone levels throughout the day, meaning that there aren’t roller coaster effects that can be so detrimental to wellbeing. This up and down feeling can be common with other hormone replacement techniques, such as pills, patches or other transdermal techniques for getting hormones into the body.

What’s In The Pellet?

Using natural plant sources, the pellets have bio-identical estrogen and testosterone. The pellets are formed by a compounding pharmacist who follows federal guidelines.

Is It For Both Men and Women?

For women, the pellets are great for reducing the effects of menopause, such as hot flashes and night sweats. Compared to traditional hormone replacement therapy, the pellets have shown to be effective in combating bone density loss, bad sleep patterns, mood swings and fluctuating sex drive.

But the pellets can be great for men as well. As a natural process of aging, testosterone levels begin to decrease once men get into their 30s. By the time the 40s come, some negative effects of testosterone deficiency can surface, such as fatigue, lack of mental sharpness and libido loss. The hormone pellet can get testosterone levels back up to a healthy level, which can not only get rid of nagging symptoms but may help prevent serious health issues.

How is This Different Than Normal Hormone Therapy?

Many hormone replacement therapy procedures involve the use of hormones formed synthetically or from the hormones of animals. The pellets used at SLC Med Spa are bio-identical, meaning they come from natural sources and mimic the hormones produced by the body naturally.

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