Kybella in Salt Lake City

KYBELLA is an FDA-approved treatment that can help treat a double chin by reducing fatty tissue in the area. Using deoxycholic acid, a substance that can occur naturally in the body, KYBELLA is designed to break down fat cells in the targeted location. The affected tissue can then be filtered out of the body through natural processes.The procedure typically offers gradual, natural-looking results with the potential to be very long-lasting.

Injectable cosmetic treatments have revolutionized the ability to quickly and easily attain the look you want without undergoing intensive cosmetic surgery procedures. Kybella is an amazing new FDA-approved injectable solution that melts away fat deposits beneath your chin, leaving you with a more youthful, lifted profile after just a few treatment sessions. At SLC Med Spa, we are pleased to offer Kybella as part of our line of injectable facial treatments in Salt Lake City, including Botox, dermal fillers, and Bellafill.

What Can I Expect from Kybella?

Kybella has been developed as an alternative to more invasive methods of treating the appearance of a double chin, such as liposuction or neck lift surgery. Over the course of several treatments sessions, you will receive multiple Kybella injections, which will gradually work to help the body absorb the targeted fat and slim the profile of your neck and chin.

  • Most patients undergo three to six separate Kybella treatment visits, spaced approximately one month apart. During these visits, you will receive several Kybella injections in the fatty deposits beneath your chin.
  • Although you may need six total treatment visits, most patients begin to see noticeable results after just two to four sessions, as Kybella works naturally to promote fat absorption in the treated area.
  • Because Kybella treatment causes your body to absorb the fat cells causing your double chin, the treatment is permanent and you will never require more treatment after your final visit.
  • Although Kybella is approved only to melt fatty deposits and diminish the look of a double chin, many patients experience some beneficial skin tightening effects as well, enhancing their final Kybella results.

The Major Benefits of Kybella

Natural variations in anatomy and changes in the body over time can promote the appearance of a double chin, which can cause concern or displeasure about your appearance that affects your ability to enjoy everyday life. Even if you have a naturally slim figure or have worked hard to achieve weight loss, you may still be bothered by submental fat beneath your chin. In the past, the only treatment options to address a double chin were surgical in nature; today, Kybella allows you transform your profile without any incisions, anesthesia, or their associated risks. Kybella treatment is not only more comfortable and cost-effective that cosmetic surgery, it also causes a more gradual disappearance of submental fat for a more natural—but permanent—transformation.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of Kybella and whether this fat-melting injectable is right for you? You can reach SLC Med Spa today at (801) 419-0551 to schedule a free Kybella consultation.

*Medical Disclaimer “There’s no guarantee, results may vary”.

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