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7 Reasons To Get That Tattoo Removed

  1. It’s an undesired tattoo. Maybe it was love or maybe it was the vodka, but it's day is done.

  2. Career change. Not every work of art is appreciated in every environment.

  3. Your taste has changed. Styles and taste evolve over time.

  4. You had a breakup. Someone may not appreciate seeing your ex's name on you ;)

  5. The way you view the world has changed. We all grow and evolve over time!

  6. You joined the military. Maybe the tribe thing isn't your thing now.

  7. You feel it doesn’t represent who you are anymore. Tattoos are personal and a way of communicating what we feel. It's ok to represent who you are today.

At SLC Med Spa we have one of the best laser tattoo removal systems on the Wasatch front. We are able to remove RED pigmentation! Call and book a consult today. 801-419-0551

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