CoolSculpting® vs BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction...Which Is Better?

We love CoolSculpting® and so do our patients. What’s not to love about a treatment that can spot-reduce without surgery, requires little to no downtime, and you get to scroll through your phone or do some work on your laptop during your treatment? We’ve performed thousands of CoolSculpting procedures at SLC Med Spa, but we’re not about to retire our liposuction cannula anytime soon.

Even in the age of CoolSculpting, liposuction has remained one of the most popular med spa procedures—more than 280,000 Americans had liposuction in 2018 alone. That’s because liposuction has unique benefits that make it a better option for many women and men.

Many people assume CoolSculpting will cost less than BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction but repeat CoolSculpting treatments can add up. Which procedure is the most economical depends on your fat reduction goals.

Here are just a few reasons why liposuction is worth it, and why you should include it on your list when considering your body contouring options (even if you are reluctant to have lipo).

There’s no better way to sculpt an improved shape to the body

While non-surgical treatments like CoolSculpting can be great options for straightforward fat reduction, we can’t pick exactly how much fat goes away with these devices—nor can we precisely sculpt the shape of an area.

With BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction, we can. That’s because liposuction isn’t just a technology, but a tool that can be used in a precise pattern to enhance the shape of an area in addition to shrinking a stubborn bulge. Just a few examples of what what can be done with liposuction:

  • Sculpt the lower back, hips, and flanks to visually enhance the derriere and/or create an hourglass-shaped figure

  • Reveal muscular detail in the abs, upper arms, or back and shoulders with hi-definition liposculpture

  • Achieve smoother, more elegant transitions between the shoulders and breasts by removing that little fat pocket in front of the armpits

  • Reduce waist or thigh circumference by sculpting around the entire torso and/or thigh, respectively

BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction results are immediately noticeable, highly predictable, and only get better with time

BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction patient from Dr. Larsen

If there is one downside to CoolSculpting, it’s that you’ll have to wait 2 to 3 months for your body to process and eliminate the affected fat cells. We can’t totally predict how much fat loss will occur either (although you can expect to see and feel the difference in how your clothes fit).

With laser liposuction, the fat is gone immediately after surgery, and the fat has removed precisely the amount necessary to achieve a great result. While post-op swelling will be a factor at first, you’ll be able to see a real difference in your shape just a few days after surgery.

BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction recovery is pretty quick for most patients

Advancements in BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction technology have resulted in a procedure with one of the shortest recovery times of any body contouring surgery. On average, our patients are back to work within a day or two.

CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells, but you might LOVE that fat if it were moved to another spot. With BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction, we can remove your unwanted fat, purify it, then reinject it where you want it!

While some post-operative swelling, soreness, and/or bruising can be expected, these effects are usually mild and short-lived, requiring only over-the-counter pain relievers for comfort. Most patients are back to the gym in a week or two.

With BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction, you can use your fat in another place where you need it

CoolSculpting causes you to eliminate fat cells over time, but why get rid of fat and pay for separate fillers when you would LOVE to have that fat in another spot? With BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction, we can remove your unwanted fat, purify it on the spot, and then put it to good use! For example, we can inject fat taken from the belly, hips, or thighs into the buttocks for a fuller derriere—or use fat as a long-lasting, natural facial filler.

Liposuction can actually cost less than CoolSculpting

Patients often ask us whether liposuction is worth it when non-surgical alternatives cost less per treatment. It’s a great question, but don’t assume CoolSculpting will cost less overall: which procedure is most economical depends on your fat reduction goals.

If you simply wish to spot-reduce one or two troublesome areas, but you don’t need major reshaping, then non-surgical fat reduction may be your most cost-effective option. Chances are, you’ll achieve your goals in just one or two treatments per area or side. However, if you have a larger area(s) or amount of fat to treat, you may need several additional treatments.

In contrast, BeautiFill™ Laser Liposuction can definitively achieve your fat reduction and sculpting goals in one procedure. While that one procedure may cost more than one CoolSculpting treatment, it may cost significantly less in the long run then a series of non-surgical treatments—not to mention you will be enjoying your results within weeks, not months.

Want to get a closer look at both options?

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