What is a DiamondGlow treatment? DiamondGlow, formerly known as Dermalinfusion, is a resurfacing and rejuvenating facial treatment that exfoliates the skin’s surface, extracts impurities from pores, and infuses the skin with a targeted serum. A DiamondGlow facial can be customized for your specific skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation, congestion, sun damage, dryness, oiliness, uneven skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also possible to have the non-invasive treatment performed on your body to improve skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, and keratosis pilaris. Providers usually recommend a series of four to six treatments, scheduled every other week, for best results.

What are the pros and cons of DiamondGlow?


  • The DiamondGlow facial is suitable for all skin types and tones because it’s customizable. Your doctor or aesthetician will select a gentler or coarser exfoliating tip, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, and you’ll decide which condition-specific serum you want them to apply.

  • This pain-free skin-resurfacing treatment takes only about 30 minutes and has no downtime.

  • You should see an immediate glow.


  • Full results may not be apparent for one to two months, until your cells completely turn over to reveal fresh, new skin.

  • If you’re acne-prone, DiamondGlow treatment can exacerbate breakouts. You can choose the Pore Clarifying serum during your treatment to head off new pimples.

  • You may need four to six treatments (over two to three months) to get the maximum skin-health benefit.

What happens during a DiamondGlow treatment? This facial combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion— three key facial steps. That includes buffing away old, dead skin cells; removing dirt and oil from pores; and applying a potent serum that can now more easily penetrate. The treatment’s innovation is that all three steps are performed simultaneously, a key difference from a HydraFacial. The manufacturer claims that infusing the skin at the time of exfoliation and extraction allows the serum’s active ingredients to go deeper, making them more effective. As in a microdermabrasion treatment, your provider uses a motorized handpiece with a diamond tip to resurface your skin. That same handpiece simultaneously uses pneumatic force (aka vacuum suction) to clear away old cells and other debris from within pores, eliminating blackheads. As your surface skin is buffed away and your pores are cleared, the handpiece delivers a serum into your newly open pores. After your treatment, you can see all the gunk that was removed in a tank attached to the handpiece.

Which DiamondGlow serum should you choose? Topical skin-care serums are known for their ability to deliver powerful active ingredients to the skin, to effect targeted change. Each of the SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serums used during a DiamondGlow treatment is formulated to treat specific conditions. You'll have these serum options: Pore Clarifying, Ultra Hydrating, Skin Brightening, and Vitamin C. The first three are intended to do as they say—clarify, hydrate, and brighten. As a skin-care ingredient, vitamin C evens out skin tone, boosts collagen production, and acts as an antioxidant to reduce cellular damage, making vitamin C serums powerful multitaskers. You can choose one serum that best suits your concerns or ask for a combination of serums.

What can you expect after a DiamondGlow treatment? You’ll see increased radiance and suppleness immediately after each DiamondGlow facial. Your skin should feel clean and look clear. As far as side effects go, you might look a little red from the vacuum pressure, but that should subside very quickly. You can apply makeup immediately after treatment and carry on with your day. It will take a series of multiple treatments to see a marked improvement in some skin issues, such as fine lines and dark spots of discoloration, which can go several layers deep.

The cost of your DiamondGlow treatment will depend on the practice location, the size of the treated area, and the experience level of your provider.

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