Dose Vs Duration with Botox

When your Botox seems to "not be working" like it used to, maybe you didn't get enough to begin with. Our Allergan rep, Sarah, was with us last week encouraging us to educate our clients on getting enough Botox each time they come in.

Many clients come in an tell us how many units they would like to purchase. But if you want to get the greatest benefit with the treatment, you'll want to consider adding some units into the surrounding muscles.

If you don't adequately treat the surrounding muscles, they will strengthen to support the loss of effort from the injected muscles. In the long run, it seems as though your Botox isn't as effective or lasting as long, when in reality you've under treated the area and the surrounding muscles are making the area look worse.

What can be done? Ask us to give you an objective look at what areas need to treated rather than predetermining what dosage you want. By adding units you may be able to go longer in between visits as well. Let's say you typically get 40 units that last 4 months. If you add another 10 units that help you go 6-7 months between treatments you're actually saving money (and looking great!)

Ask our medical assistant for more information about treatment options when you come in or call us to book a full consultation.

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