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Meet The M.D. and Founder Of SLC Med Spa

Brent Larsen, MD: Owner, Medical Director, "Doc Hollywood"

Dr. Brent Larsen received his degree for Doctor of Medicine from the Finch University of Health Science/The Chicago Medical School. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the Oregon Health Science University.

What started out as a practice for weight loss turned in to a clinic that provides treatment for your outer and inner beauty.

Dr. Larsen’s experience and artistry with Botox and fillers is unsurpassed. He is especially passionate about treating hormone imbalances in women as well as in men.

Dr. Larsen’s most recent accomplishment is the completion of his training with Dr. Jeffrey Klein, the inventor and most experienced surgeon of in-office liposuction (Tumescent Liposuction) in September, 2018.

Dr. Larsen has been certified to do manual liposuction and using tumescent fluid for numbing to treat cellulite for over 6 years.

Dr. Larsen was certified to do liposuction with BeautiFill in early 2018.

Within a few months Dr. Larsen was then invited to train with the most experienced physician in the world and inventor of in office liposuction, Dr. Klein.

At SLC Med Spa we have the best and newest technology in laser liposuction.

Dr. Larsen has years of experience, performing over 100 cases of liposuction since his training with the most experienced physician in the world, Dr. Klein.

Dr. Larsen was board certified as ER Physician and has treated many patients in the ER who had complications from liposuction and:

~ was certified to do ALMI procedure and manual liposuction 6 years ago.

~ was certified to do Cellfina® 5 years ago.

~ was certified to do full liposuction using the best and newest technology BeautiFill 3 years ago. ~ is one of the few Dr. in the world to complete and train with the most experienced liposuction doctor in the world , Dr. Klein.

In his free time, Dr. Larsen loves being active in the outdoors riding his bike or skiing down the slopes.

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