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Pandemic Fatigue or Hormones? Don't Get Misdiagnosed!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Anxious, depressed, or exhausted? You’re not alone. A clinical psychologist explains there's a new mental health syndrome being called “pandemic fatigue.” Many individuals are turning to their physicians with a list of symptoms and receiving antidepressants or anti anxiety meds for this new, unprecedented syndrome. But before making a decision, one thing to consider is getting your hormones checked. Stress, age and cortisol all affect our hormone levels.

The idea that there’s a specific syndrome we might call “pandemic fatigue” is probably just a shorthand way of saying that we’ve reached a bit of a mental health breaking point. We’re stressed, isolated, lonely, burned out, and more depressed and anxious than we’ve been in a long time. And for those that are menopause all of these describe hormone imbalances as well.

If you're feeling any of these symptoms, contact us to find out to get your hormones checked. Then you can make a more informed decision! 801-419-055.

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