Removing Age Spots

Updated: Jan 8

With extra time in quarantine you may have had time to start noticing your skin more, and the dark spots appearing on your skin. These marks are called age spots and are the result of sun exposure and damage over the years.  Of course, just about everybody will have to deal with age spots at some point, which is why one of the most asked questions regarding skin care is “how to get rid of age spots?”

Here's our best hacks for age spots:

  1. IPL Laser Age Spot Treatments

  2. Resurfacing Exfoliation Treatments

  3. Chemical Peels

  4. Skin Care Products

Remove Age Spots with IPL Laser Therapy

Laser therapy and pulsed light therapy are effective at destroying melanin-making cells, which are the cause of age spots.

Most people will need to make two or three treatments to see results, but the process does not harm the surface of the skin. Over a few weeks to a few months, patients will notice their age spots fading away. It’s important to keep up with a good skincare regime and apply sun screen daily after laser treatment.

Getting Rid of Age Spots with Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a process which exfoliates the outer layers of dead skin cells and has proven effective at removing sun damage such as age spots.

Skin cell turnover is increased with resurfacing techniques and less pigment can be supplied to them, which has the overall effect of lightening the skin. Our new DiamondGlow treatment adds hydration in addition to the resurfacing process. Make sure you check out our event on November 14, 2020 for special pricing!

Chemical Peels

Certain chemical peels will lift the pigment off of the skin and you can literally peel the spot off of the skin. They are also anti aging so they will help with fine lines and wrinkles ;) We have a special through the end of October 2020 so message us for the details.

Skin Care Products for Age Spot Removal

Bleaching creams like hydroquinone, mild steroids, and retinoids such as tretinoin (acne cream) work to lighten the skin over time and reduce the appearance of age spots. Treatments usually take several months to produce the desired result.

SkinMedica is medical grade skincare and will be available for special pricing one day only. Join us November 14, 2020 for up to 30% off retail. See our link to the event below for all the details.

Book in for a consultation at SLC Med Spa for a professional assessment of your skin.

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