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The Quarantine Makeover

Tired Of Looking Tired On Zoom? Why This Is The Perfect Time To Get Some Work Done

No one has actually studied mass makeovers during a prolonged global pandemic—we’re in uncharted territory here—but people are starting to realize how looking better makes them feel better. In addition to looking better, psychologists are studying the effects of people offsetting depression over feeling no control during this time, with doing something they can control - changing our appearance. Check out how many guys you see sporting a long beard or shaving theirs. ;) Control can give us a boost of energy and a dose of confidence. Applied to coronavirus, the reasoning could be ‘I cannot control the virus, but I can control my appearance.’

It's a great time to make changes while being subtle about it as well! If you haven't been around someone for a few months it's harder to tell why they look so great ;) Just tell them you've been rockin COVID with a healthy new lifestyle!

For the next few days we'll give you our very best ideas on the most effective ways to boost your appearance, giving you a renewed sense of control, and rolling into the holidays feeling better than you have for months!

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