Time To Radiate

With fall coming around the corner it's time to schedule some time for a peel. A chemical peel is a GREAT way to care for your skin if you want to age well. Here are 4 things to consider when scheduling:

1. The Goal Is To Peel.

If you don’t know what a chemical peel is, then let me paint a picture for you. An acid solution is applied, which can be tailor-made to your skin’s needs. Even though this treatment can help various skin issues, the main goal is exfoliation and your skin is going to peel. Planning on great selfies within a few days isn't going to happen, but your face will be bright and shiny in the long run. Totally worth it.

2. You Can Customise It For Your Needs

It’s a given that you should opt for this treatment only with a professional. So ask us what options you have when it comes to chemical peels. They can be customised according to your skin concerns. So be it, acne scars, fine lines or pigmentation, there’s a peel out there for you.

3. Peels Aren’t Just For Your Face

These peels are applied to your face and neck; however, they can be applied to other parts of your body as well. If you experience acne on your chest or back, peels may be a good option for treatment. Talk with us and figure out the best method for you.

4. There Is Downtime Involved

After getting a chemical peel, your skin will peel and be very sensitive for the next few days. This only happens because the new layer of skin is appearing.

5. Sunscreen Is 100% Non-Negotiable

After you’re done with this treatment, your skin will be extremely vulnerable, so avoid going out in the sun and wear sunscreen at all times. It’s non-negotiable! Also, stay away from exfoliators and active ingredients like retinol.

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